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How it all started

Miranda Abbott is a professional dancer and choreographer as well as an author, and educator, specializing in teaching curriculum through dance, art, and literature. Miranda trained professionally at the National Ballet of Canada, L'Ecole Superieur de Danse du Quebec, The Canadian Children's Dance Theatre, and the School of Toronto Dance Theatre.


Miranda’s choreography focuses on math, science, philosophy, and political themes. Her dance company has been featured on television programs and has performed in various productions and festivals.​


Miranda created Dance Equations, a math-dance program for teachers. Beyond Movement is the first of many educational resources and is illustrated by Miranda.​​


Miranda has written program materials for The Canadian Children’s Dance Theatre, Harbourfront Centre, and the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto). She has also created illustrations, designs, and marketing materials for her company and numerous other organizations.

Her artistic career has inspired her writing and Treedom (soon to be launched) is the first book in her new Children's book collection.